Monday, November 16, 2009

Kitty-cat t-shirt

When I was somewhere around six years old, I saw this adorable dress and my mother bought it for me. I have saved it all these years. For a very long time I have planned to do something with it and finally have.

I cut the front out, turned under the edges and corners and whip-stitched it onto a plain gray t-shirt. Then I cut the little cuffs from the skirt to edge the sleeves. It was a fun little project that I worked up quickly and did not take any pains with it. I knew the perfectionist would examine the shirt and see if I centered the picture and turned under all the corners equally, but for once, I did not care. Sure enough, the shirt was brought under scrutiny and a doubtful voice asked if I had turned the corners under equally. "Nope," I answered cheerfully. "I didn't even try." The kitty is so pretty it should catch anyone's attention. If someone notices the picture is not perfectly sewed on, I really do not think they are enjoying the cute kitty as much as they should. :)


  1. A very cute idea! And I don't blame you for not trying to get everything exactly so...That would have taken all the fun out of it.