Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Manly or Godly?

“It is related that a gentleman once went to Sir Eardley under the impression of great wrath and indignation at a real injury he had received from a person high in power, and which he was meditating how to resent in the most effectual manner. After relating the particulars, he asked Sir Eardley if he did not think it would be manly to resent it? 'Yes,' said the Christian knight, 'it will be manly to resent it—but it will be God-like to forgive it.' This had such an effect upon the gentleman that he came away quite a different man, and in a very subdued temper from that in which he went.”

- from A Treatise on Temper -- its Use and Abuse by a Staffordshire Curate, October 1837

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  1. Thankyou for stopping by and visiting my little blog. I'm from Queensland Australia, and while I love my own country and heritage, I also love learning about The South-it's Godly heritage, history, culture and manners.

    I realized that I've visited your blog before. I share a love of old hymns.Smoky Mountain music, Spurgeon, good literature and Christian writings from the 19th century.
    God Bless