Tuesday, June 21, 2011

When He Hath Tried Me

God fashions with a Father’s care
Creating lusters bright and rare
That all His jewels might enhance
The Gospel message they advance,
And every polished facet show
His image and His love light’s glow.

He knows about the heat and fires
A character of gold requires,
He knows about affliction’s way
That brings those close who’ve gone astray.
He knows the faithful contemplate
And grow in patience as they wait.

A right response on David’s part
Made him a man who pleased God’s heart.
And Job, through tests severe and long,
Emerged as patient, steadfast, strong.
Through tests of faith Paul had to face
He learned God’s secret - strength and grace.

In my life’s tests may others see
Christ’s image also formed in me.
May I reflect God’s glory bright,
His grace and power for the night,
Assured in Him, as Job of old,
“When tried, I shall come forth as gold.”

- Merna B. Shank

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