Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Unfailing Love

He took away the love of those
Whom I had loved so well,
And what it cost my grieving soul
No word nor pen could tell.
But as I leaned against His heart,
Wounded and crushed and sore,
I deeply drank of truer love
Than I had known before;
A love that knows no selfish aim,
That trial cannot kill,
That chides me for my faults, ah, yes,
But keeps on loving still.

Dear Lord, in Thine omnipotence
Thou surely couldst recall
My many sins of yesterday,
Remind me of them all;
But love like Thine delights to cast
Them in the deepest sea
And will remember them no more
Through all eternity.
Earth holds so many hungry hearts,
To men be this the sign
That we are Thy disciples, Lord,
Give us a love like Thine.

by Barbara C. Ryberg

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