Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Run if you want to


"Run if you want to, run if you will, but I came here to stay.
When I fall down I'm gonna get back up,
Cause I didn't start out to play,
It's a battlefield, brother, not a recreation room,
It's a fight and not a game,
Run if you want to, run if you will,
But I came here to stay."

"Old Goliath marched for forty days,
Crying "Send me a man to fight".
The Israelites said "We've got a brave heart,
But our feet are sorta full of fright".
Then a boy with a sling, and a pocket full of rocks,
That knew how to trust and pray,
Said 'If you're gonna run, Goliath, take off now.'
'Cause I came here to stay."

"The decree had been signed by the hand of the king,
But Daniel still prayed to the Lord,
The hungry lions were pacing the den,
"Here comes supper" one roared.
But if you'd been standing 'round anywhere close,
You'd heard brother Daniel say,
"If you're talking 'bout me, forget it boys,
'Cause I came here to stay"

"Now the boys wouldn't bow and the King got mad,
He said "Turn the furnace up high,
Tie 'em up and throw'em in,
These Hebrew boys are gonna fry",
Then a little while later he looked in the furnace,
And he heard brother Shadrach say,
"Pull up a chair and warm your hands,
'Cause I came here to stay."

Sometime back I listened to some friends sing and play the above song.  Some of the words got stuck in my head though I couldn’t understand all of them from the recording.  I requested the words, and they were kindly sent this morning.  If I had just read the words somewhere, I might not have liked the song very much due to its word styling and how it has biblical characters saying non-direct quotes.  Yet, there are reasons, that I like it anyway.

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