Monday, October 15, 2012

Word for Wives

Perhaps it may be your luckless lot to be united to an unkind husband — a man who cares not whether he pleases or displeases, whether you are happy or unhappy. If this is the case, hard is your fate, gentle lady, very hard! But the die is cast; and you must carefully remember that no neglect of duty on "his" part can give a legitimate sanction to a failure of duty on "yours". The sacredness of those ties which bind you as a wife, remain equally strong and heavy, whatever is the conduct of your husband; and as galling as the chain may be, you must only endeavor for resignation to bear it, till the Almighty, by lightening it, pleases to crown your gentleness and efforts with success.

When at the Throne of Grace (I address you as a Christian woman), be fervent and persevering in your prayers for your husband; and by your example endeavor to allure him to that Heaven towards which you are yourself aspiring: that, if your husband "obeys not the word", as the sacred writer says, "he may, without the word", be won by the conduct of the wife.

There are very few husbands so bad as to be destitute of good qualities, and probably, very decided ones. Let the wife search out and accustom herself to dwell on those good qualities, and let her treat "her own" errors, not "her husband's", with severity. I have seldom known a dispute between man and wife, in which faults "on both sides" were not conspicuous; and really it is no wonder; for we are so quick-sighted to the imperfections of others, and so blind and lenient to our own — that in cases of discord and contention, we throw all the blame on the opposite party, and never think of accusing ourselves. In general, at least, this is the case.

- Timothy Shay Arthur

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