Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The best recipe for cheerfulness

(J. C. Ryle)

Some without doubt, have a larger cup of sorrow to drink than others. But few are to be found who live long without sorrows or cares of one sort or another.  Our bodies, our property, our families, our children, our relations, our servants, our friends, our neighbors, our worldly callings, each and all of these are foundations of care.  

Sicknesses, deaths, losses, disappointments, partings, separations, ingratitude, slander, all these are common things.  We cannot get through life without them.  Some day or other they find us out.

The greater are our affections, the deeper are our afflictions.  The more we love, the more we have to weep.  What is the best recipe for cheerfulness in such a world as this? How shall we get through this valley of tears with least pain?  I know no better recipe than the habit of taking everything to God in prayer.

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