Monday, February 16, 2009

Word Power

A harsh word spoken,
A young heart broken,
A life that is scarred for aye --
The twist of a lip,
Or a cutting quip,
And a young soul sent astray.
An encouraging word
And a young heart stirred,
And a zeal that is set afire --
Would that our speech
Caused a soul to reach
Up to the stars and higher.
Our words have power
To raise or lower
A young heart that would be true.
Speak love, or speak hate,
But know that the fate
Of a soul can depend on you.
-- J. B.

God’s sovereignty will prevail and no one can cause a soul which God has chosen to save to be eternally doomed, if that is what is meant by, "the fate of a soul can depend on you." Nonetheless, there is much truth in the poem.

1 comment:

  1. This is a wonderful poem. I had never read it before until I read it here tonight! It gives me a lot to think about and agree with!

    Hmm. Maybe by "the fate of a soul" the poet meant how a persons life might turn out, rather than eternal salvation or eternal punishment in hell? I completely agree with you that no one can cause a soul that God chose to not be saved. The only person who can cause a soul to be eternally doomed is the person itself, if they chose not to believe in Christ.