Friday, March 6, 2009

Lovely blouse

Like the shoe cobbler’s children who never has shoes, it often seems the seamstress never has decent clothes, or the clothes comes from the thrift store. It has been long over due for me to make some clothes for myself. I found this lovely cotton cloth at Hancock’s and wanted to make something from it.

Despite is being ordinary cotton, it was an un-pretty price. Even though I waited until it was on a 50% off sale, it was still too expensive to make and entire dress as full and long as I like them. So, I decided to make a blouse and then make a skirt and vest to match from another cloth. The cloth was so dainty and feminine, I did not want a standard shirt collar. While looking through my patterns I found a pattern with a cute little collar. It was just the kind of blouse I wanted except for the sleeves. I had bought another pattern with three quarter length sleeves which were pleated into the cuff. I mixed the patterns, using the one with the lay-down collar and altered the sleeves to make them the three quarter pleated ones. I usually gather the sleeves into the cuffs. The pleats turned out pretty. I rarely make blouses, but am glad I did this one. I finished it this morning and it is so, so, just. . .I like it. :-)


  1. I know what you mean about clothes! I just got some fabric last week to make a few new skirts and blouses since mine are mostly old or thrift-store finds. The prices weren't pretty up here in IL either, even though everything I got was on sale. :( I love your blouse style! It is exactly the kind of style I would like to make one of my blouses into. The fabric you used is gorgeous!

  2. That is so pretty...I can't wait to see it! I think I need to experiment with shirts now...scary, huh?!!

  3. Lovely blouse and skirt...great job!