Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Skirt and Vest

The skirt and vest have been finished. The vest was a very simple pattern with no darts and no back ties. I did not want to purchase any lining for the vest with all the cloth I have here, so I started looking through my cloth. I found just the thing, a burgundy which was left from backing a quilt. It matched the flowers in the blouse well, and though it did not match the vest cloth perfectly, it was fine for a lining and saved money to use it. The skirt was a gored skirt and I placed a bit of elastic in the back. I would have preferred the skirt about an inch longer and a little fuller, but I was trying to get a skirt, vest, and blouse out of the cloth and therefore had to compromise on the fullness of the skirt. I did get the blouse cut out, but have not made it yet. Lord willing, when the blouse and a western vest is made, they will be posted on my western blog. Ordinarily, I like cotton cloth. This cloth was some kind of rayon or polyester and rayon mix. It has one good advantage. It does not wrinkle near so badly. It will pack and travel much better than my cotton dresses. The picture of me wearing the dress is its true color. It matches almost perfectly with my Sunday dress boots.

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  1. So very pretty! I love how the skirt, blouse and vest looks all together. And that hat is perfect too! I've been using some poly/rayon stuff lately too and although its been difficult to get used to, sewing-wise, I do like the fact it is less prone to getting wrinkly so fast.