Thursday, April 16, 2009

Patch work heart painted tin.

Recently, we were able to visit my friend Leah Sue. I thought I'd bake some cookies as a gift for the family. I wanted some sort of gift to remain after the cookies were gone, so I decided to paint a tin container for the cookies. I looked through our stash of saved tins and found a large one without too much rust. After scrubbing off what little rust there was, I sprayed it with gray primer.

I would have liked to paint some flowers or some kind of scenery, but I am not a good painter and knew I'd not be able to get it to look realistic, especially with this kind of paint. A craft book gave me the idea of a painted patchwork heart. After painting the patch heart on the top, I painted small hearts of each color of "cloth" around the base of the container.

Then the morning we were to leave, I bake some of our favorite cookies - double peanut butter - and filled the painted tin with them.


  1. The tin is as lovely in real life as it looks in the picture :-) I really admire your work on it. Leah Sue

  2. These cookies look so delicious! I haven't made any cookies for so long, due to my desire to be Thin again. The tin is lovely too! Is there anything you *can't* do? :) I am amazed at all your abilities!