Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Book Review

I have joined Book Sneeze a site which sends you free books to review in exchange for a book review posted on your blog and consumer website. The following book was a complimentary copy from Thomas Nelson to read and review.

Essentials for Life: Your Back-to-Basics Guide to What Matters Most by Marcia Ford

The first and biggest disappointment of this book was the heavy use of many different “versions of the Bible.” Of the seven different versions, hardly any, if even one, were KJV. Throughout the whole book these slaughtered translations were so different it was hard to tell if it was just a quote or something supposed to be from the Bible without looking at the reference.

Other than that, at first the book seemed too basic. For someone used to deep reading, the book can appear shallow. Further progressing in the book it became a bit more interesting. It gave some good simple reminders of basic principles. There are fifty short topics in the book and some are more interesting than others. Overall it would not make it on my list of great books to read, but if it happened to fall into your hands, something can be gleaned from it.

The book is laid out with side note of interests, “scripture verses,” and quotes. I generally greatly like quotes though the ones in this book were not amongst the best. There were a couple of gems worth finding though.

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