Wednesday, January 4, 2012

It Matters Not

It matters not what others say;
And less what they may think—
So long as I walk in His way,
And of His Spirit drink.

It matters not what they decree;
And less what they may plan—
The gallows which is built for me
Will hang the gallows man.

Yet, should the gallows built for me,
Still fall to be my lot—
By life or death I will be free.
It really matters not.

No other man can shut me up,
Though prison doors are locked,
For at His table I still sup
It really matters not.

For everyone the Son sets free
Is truly free indeed.
It matters not where you may be;
No hindrance shall impede.

So when your foes rise up like floods
To weave their wicked plot;
Remember...God alone is Judge.
It really matters not!

Larry Hodges

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