Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Prayer For Our Boys

O God, for the boys whose lives are clean,
Who have never delved in the depths of sin,
Who opened their hearts at a mother’s knee
To ask a loving Saviour in;
Who stand today in the strength of youth,
As they fight for peace, may they fight for truth.

And, Lord, for the boys who have never known
The blessings rare of a Christian home,
As they wander far from the ones they love
May they cease, O God, from Thee to roam.
They were dead to Thee as they dreamed of life;
May they find Thy peace in the midst of strife.

And O for the son of a mother who kneels
To earnestly pray for the wayward boy
She has claimed for Thee since his babyhood,
Still his heart is closed to the source of joy,
May he kneel at the cross of his mother’s Lord,
May he learn to fight with the Spirit’s sword.

Bless those that are tired; may they rest in Thee;
Hold those that are weak that they may not fall;
May those who are longing for folks back home
Lean hard upon Thee as their All in all.
And for us who sit home with our comforts and joys,
O God, may we faithfully pray for our boys!

By Barbara C. Ryberg

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  1. Love this poem. Love your header photo too. :)