Thursday, June 24, 2010

Going Back

Verse: 1
Whatever happened to “death do us part,”
does the home reflect the heart?
Parents faces tell of worried minds,
while children search, but can’t seem to find,
it’s time we took a closer look,
get back to living by the holy book,
no compromise without getting slack,
you see, we will go forward if we’ll just go back.

We’ve got to go back to living true,
we’re going back to the absolute,
back to where the church stands strong,
back to where there is right, there is a wrong,
back to where it’s black or white,
you see the difference is like day and night,
we’re going back to things above,
we’re going back to our first love.

Verse: 2
We’ll know the tree by the fruit we see,
serving God has no in between,
we’re either cold or we’re hot,
he said lukewarm will have no part,
it’s coming down to the end of time,
there’s no time for playing around,
we’re going back to lost or found,
we’re going back to stand our ground.

Verse: 3
Then we’ll rise like a sleeping giant,
standing tall on God’s strength and might,
the power we’ve claimed for so long,
you see, it’s returning, we’re being made strong,
we’re not looking to the right or the left,
our eyes are spirit led,
we’re going back to truthful thoughts,
church we’ve got to go back to Calvary’s cross.

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  1. So, so blessed by this!!! Thanks for posting.
    Thanks also for your comments on my blog...I always love reading them. God has given you wisdom beyond your age. I love the horse test because my grandfather raised quarter horses and I rode them when I was young.