Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Summer Secret by Kathleen Fuller - Book Review

A Summer Secret is written for youth probably in the twelve to fifteen year-old ages. The setting is in Middlefield, Ohio, an Amish community. The main character is thirteen year-old Mary Beth along with her twin brother Johnny.

The story begins with Mary Beth seeking peace, quite and solitude from her three aggravating brothers in an old dilapidated barn. One her parents had warned her to stay away from. This first act of disobedience would start a trail of further disobedience, secrets, and lying throughout the book as one lie lead to another.

She and her brother discover an un-happy orphan whom they endeavor to help. Only they go about trying to do right, in a wrong way. Near the end, their hidden ways and un-trust-worthiness is found out. Like most story books, things are smoothed out and it has a happy ending.

If stars could be halved, I’d rate this book at about two and a half stars. It is basically a clean book, no swearing and such. Since it is designed for youth, it is free from a lot of the things which permeate books for older young people. Yet it is weak in a good moral point to inspire youth to higher living.

This book was a complementary copy from the Thomas Nelson to read and review. There was no obligation to give a favorable book review.

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