Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Spring blouse

Many years ago (that makes me sound ancient), one of my friends and I made matching skirts. Some of the cloth has been left all this time. Recently, I took it out and decided to make a blouse out of it to go with the skirt. It was just enough to make the blouse, just enough including having to cut the collar out twice because *someone* cut it out wrong the first time. You’d think anyone who has sewn for ten years would know when a pattern piece says, “place on fold,” you have to place that end on the fold, not the opposite end. Of course, I’m sure that *someone* did know, so I don’t know why it was not done right the first time, but I was not in the least surprised. Anyway, it turned out all right, with no extra cloth to spare. It was the same blouse pattern as this one, only I did not do the gathered sleeves.

1 comment:

  1. That "someone" could have been me -- it sounds so familiar! :D
    Nice fabric. :)